On Passion

Who doesn’t want to follow their passion? Do what they love? It’s on posters and t-shirts. It’s nearly half of all Medium articles. You can turn your passion into a full-time job. Your passion can free you from the daily grind. Your passion is what you were meant to do! Follow your passion they say. I say, follow your passion... on the weekends.

See, the thing is, when we get caught up in only doing what we’re passionate about, we end up resenting and rejecting any type of work that we have to do that isn’t directly related to our passion. This type of mindset is a cancer to you; not to mention the person you work for. It’s a cancer because following your passion is more than simply “doing your thing”. If you’re going to follow your passion into a full time gig then your passion now includes accounting, business development, client management, sales, taxes, insurance, and so much more. Does that sound like your passion?

Perhaps it does, perhaps you look forward to spending 40-50% of your time “doing business”... if so, awesome! If not, it’s cool. Do your thing, do your 9-5 and rock it. Rock it so that you can get home and follow your passion on the weekends.

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