I don’t have any big dramatic send-off planned here, apart from thanking you all for putting up with my nonsense for an entire year. Instead I’m gonna tell you to write more in 2014. Not in an “I’m going to start a gym membership this year” kinda way, either. I mean it like “start typing.”

I know this is an easy thing to shrug off with “I don’t have any ideas,” but give it a shot anyway—start putting some words down on paper and see what it turns into. Writing without a big dramatic idea in mind is like stretching a sore muscle: not always the most pleasant feeling, but at least it gets things moving.

Meanwhile go get yourself a deadline, or the post will never quite happen. There are lots of places to get one of those. Otherwise you’re gonna wait for the perfect idea to come along, and then you are gonna tell yourself you’ll write it in your “spare time” and, listen, none of us have any of that anymore. It just won’t end up happening; it will be a non-post forever destined for a blog somewhere that never gets updated. I have one of those too.

So, yes. I am telling you to go sign up to write something with a deadline before you have so much as a fully-formed idea. Additionally, I am making “buk buk buh-gawk” noises at you. I’m calling you out because I want to see more posts from more new voices next year, and if you’re anything like me it won’t happen unless you jump in with both feet. Send me something on Twitter or wherever, and I’ll help you make it happen.

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