Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, Measures

If you work in a company that is large like mine, you may be familiar with a formalized process to achieve alignment through goals and metrics. For us, our model to create alignment is called a V2MOM: Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, and Measures.

Every year, the company (via the CEO) will publish the V2MOM. Then the organizations (via the leadership) will publish and distribute their own, which are aligned with the company’s. Then teams (via managers) will publish their V2MOMs which are aligned with the organizations. And finally, individual contributors create their own goals, which are aligned with the team’s. These look like:

  • Vision

    What we want to do. This should be about 10–15 words.

  • Values

    What is most important about our vision. These are prioritized principles and that guide it.

  • Methods

    How we will get it. These are specific actions and steps to take. Again, this is in priority order.

  • Obstacles

    What may stand in your way. These are challenges and problems to overcome to achieve our vision.

  • Measures

    How we know we got it. These are usually quantifiable metrics. These are often linked to specific Methods.

We publish our goals on our work profiles, and we update them throughout the year. It’s a way to have transparency into what we’re all trying to achieve, and how we’re going to get there.

“…a clarified direction and focusing collective energy on the desired outcome eliminate the anxiety that is often present in times of change”
— Marc Benioff How to Create Alignment Within Your Company in Order to Succeed

In the last couple years, I learned that this isn’t just a model to use for your own personal job goals. You can use this on the major projects you’re working on. We used it while planning out our Design System. We are also using it to create our 2016 evangelism plan for our UX team. This is helpful for getting people aligned for a project across multiple teams.

2015 is coming to an end. A lot of people are thinking about their goals for the next year. Last year, my goal was simple. Do less speaking at events, and do more writing. I hit my goal — in 2014 I gave 18 talks and wrote 2 posts, while in 2015 I gave 16 talks and wrote 14 posts. But I don’t feel accomplished. I think it’s because I don’t really know why I set it. I just wanted to hit some metrics, but there was no vision or values behind why I was doing it.

This new year, I decided instead of a simple list of goals, I would write a personal V2MOM for myself. This way I have a more meaningful reason to hit these goals, and I have some measures that align to actual methods. Some of the goals here are redacted because they are very private and personal. But otherwise, here are my goals for 2016.

My Personal V2MOM


Be more organized, healthier, and more successful. Be a better person.


  • Healthier me
  • Happy home
  • Success
  • Love my life
  • Peace of mind

Methods & Measures

  1. Better diet, exercise, & hygiene

    • Drink more water
    • Cut unhealthy foods
    • Use stand-up desk daily
    • Walk more
    • Go to the gym
    • Regular dental visits
    • Take care of nails & hair
  2. Take care of the house & those I live with

    • Keep home clean
    • Clean the litterbox every day
    • Do the dishes right away
    • Take out the trash
    • Make the living room into a more usable space
    • Hang out with the roommate
    • Play & cuddle with Zali more
  3. Do good work

    • Finish assigned tasks per week
    • Come to work earlier
    • Help out teammates more
  4. Be better with money

    • Pay off credit cards
    • Pay off a student loan
    • Save money for emergency fund
  5. Have a better social life

    • Throw a housewarming
    • Have a quarterly dinner party
    • Attend more meet ups
    • Go to more events like the Opera, Ballet, Symphony, and museums
    • Go on dates
  6. Do more good

    • Recycle and compost regularly
    • Donate 48 hours of my time to a non-profit
    • Stop using language that is sexist or ableist


  • Self-doubt
  • Over-committing to too many things
  • Temptation for unhealthy foods
  • Temptation for unnecessary spending
  • Procrastination, Laziness & Apathy
  • Being unorganized

For me, this is a pretty ambitious goal. If I don’t hit everything, I can move the goal to the following year. But as long as I’m making some sort of progress, I am okay with this. :)

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