Clarity, Efficiency, Consistency, Beauty

A few months ago, I wrote about my experience and learnings with style guides and moving toward a living design system. I was excited to see that post get some traction as many other companies are facing the same problems and are solving them in very similar ways. It’s exciting to see all the super cool tools and guidelines people are building and sharing.

On Tuesday, we released the Beta of the Salesforce Lightning Design System. It is a rush to see how people are responding to it. Turns out, enterprise design is something a lot of people care about. Who knew? ;)

So, a couple things I learned while working on this:

  • Enterprise design is a challenge I didn’t know I would fall in love with (until now). The title of this post (Clarity, Efficiency, Consistency, Beauty) is a listing of our design principles. They are ordered in priority. This is key.
  • The way I write CSS for myself on small projects is very different from the way I write CSS for an enterprise framework that is scalable, platform-agnostic, and configurable.

I’ll write in more detail on these later. We will have a ton of posts at our team blog, where we will go into great detail of various aspects: motion, the grid system, the CSS framework, etc, from various talented contributors on this project.

I’m hoping that we get lots of feedback on the Design System, especially from people working in the enterprise design space. Let me know your thoughts on Twitter or send me an email.