by Brad Frost

28 Sep 2014

I just bought a house. The previous owner did a phenomenal job stripping the late 1800’s structure down to its original wood floors, ceilings, and brick. It’s beautiful.

Our pull-to-refresh culture has warped our perception of time and as a result has skewed what we value. We confuse freshness with quality. We’re pressured to constantly learn the newest techniques, tools, and languages. We mistrust any post whose timestamp is more than a few weeks old. New good. Old bad.

It’s absolutely exhausting to operate this way. As time goes on, I find it less and less appealing to attempt to drink from the never-ending firehose of Medium posts, Github repos, and hip new languages. I’m finding relatively unsexy, tried-and-true tools, techniques, and technologies more attractive.

I want my work and my skills to stand the test of time like my house’s brick foundation. I don’t want my work to become the shitty drop ceilings that get torn out once that trend has come and gone.

Don’t be afraid to hang your hat on things you feel will stand the test of time, rather than the current spray of acronyms recruiters cluelessly broadcast. Value quality over trendiness.

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