It’s been a year since Alex and Katy asked me to write for the Pastry Box as a recurring contributor. Wow time flies. Initially I wasn’t really sure how to respond to their request. I was in the middle of a long break in my writing and became extremely rusty. At the time I felt completely uninspired to write, and wasn’t really sure why. Writing was a huge creative outlet for me back in the day (I’m talking 8+ years ago or so), and it was something I really enjoyed doing. But as time went by I found myself writing less and less, and focusing my mind on other things. The less I wrote, the less I wanted to write, it was like a self fulfilling prophecy. But after thinking about it for a while, I thought contributing to the Pastry Box would be a great experiment. By forcing myself to write, in a recurring format, and in front of a crowd, it would potentially fuel my excitement in writing again.

That didn't go according to plan.

Turns out that forcing myself to write didn’t mean I would find something I wanted to say. If you look back at my Pastry Box articles, they mostly avoid touching any real topic and are certainly not up to par with people in the roster (not that I stood a chance anyway). I use to have opinions on things, and was able to articulate them in an article format...

What happened?!

At first, this really concerned me. Why am I not able to share my thoughts anymore? Is it me? Is it a change in our industry? Maybe a little of both? I’m not really sure yet, but here’s my current thinking:

When you write something on your blog you are expressing a finite opinion. It’s static. There’s no room for tweaking, having a discussion, or evolving your opinion. It’s like freezing a point of view at a certain point of time, and then sharing it with the world. But that’s not how the world works. Not our jobs as designers, as we constantly iterate and improve our work. Definitely not our relationships, as that is a constant process of learning about others and yourself. The only way to evolve an opinion within the format of a blog post is to write a follow up, or to constantly edit the original one. Lame. That, to me, is a tedious process and one I’m less excited about as time goes by.

Blogging just feels a bit archaic to me. Social media, with all its negatives, better reflects the way we think when it comes to evolving an idea. It’s easier to post thoughts, get immediate feedback, have discussions, iterate on thoughts, and move forward with them. Sure there are certain milestones worth elaborating on in detail. Thoughts and concepts that deserve expanding on outside of the social media noise. But, for me, they are way less frequent and deserve my time and attention so that I can really formulate a strong case for them.

Who knows… This post is another static point in time, so I might change my mind. But one thing is for sure, I’m grateful for the opportunity Alex and Katy provided me to exercise this idea.

Seeya around the internet, folks.

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