We can be fickle on the Web. We jump from thing to thing. We give up on things quickly, or write them off as failures because their timing was wrong. We pin our hopes on the next unproven thing before our last great hope even gets off the ground.

The window of opportunity for something new to succeed can seem so small. But we can’t understand the capacity of new materials — or new circumstances — without experimenting with them. And that takes time.

Technology is like a language that’s always changing. We’re always new speakers, always resetting and relearning. It’s hard to say something profound with a limited vocabulary.

This is a reminder to myself: It’s OK to revisit things. It’s OK to compete with established players, and to try again where we — and others — have failed. It’s OK to build “yet another” solution to the same problem. If we’re lucky enough to find a few questions that matter to us, we should follow them ruthlessly.

The real treasures aren’t shiny and new. They're ancient, crusty and deeply buried. To uncover them, we have to pick a spot, and keep digging.