Usernames Policy

Choose your username with care

It is extremely unpleasant to have a username on a certain service and find out it is taken on another service. If you are registered on Twitter as hellome, you want to have the same username on the Pastry Box Project: hellome244 won't do it.

If you are registered on Twitter, you are entitled to that username on The Pastry Box Project.

If you pick a username that is already taken by another person on Twitter, be aware that your username may suddenly be replaced by a temporary username if it is reclaimed by its owner. If this scenario ever happened, we would then find a way to make you happy with another username. If the scent of trolling were ever to be perceived, you would simply be banned.

If you want to register on The Pastry Box Project and find out your username is taken, please get in touch with @alexduloz. We'll sort it out.