The Pastry Box as a Service

Following the news of the Pastry Box's ending, I'd like to make a quick announcement about a publishing platform I've been working on.

A platform for people who love curated content.

Our one-day-one-text approach at The Pastry Box led me to build a CMS that helped us to be as efficient and responsive to an ever-changing schedule as possible. Behind the scenes, The Pastry Box is a giant editorial Tetris and we must be able to modify our publishing timeline in a couple of clicks (and drag ‘n’ drops).

The Pastry Box's CMS will be open to the masses in the near future and become a publishing platform of its own, under a new name.

Through this project, users will be able to start their own curated project, defining a topic, inviting contributors and working on a publishing schedule of their choice. (People won't have to stick to the one-day-one-text discipline we've imposed on ourselves at The Pastry Box; they will be able to determine freely how many articles they want to publish in a year, and at what pace.)

The project should be open for beta testing in June 2015. If everything goes to plan, users will be able to start working on their project in October 2015 so that they can start publishing on this new platform on January 1st, 2016.