It's OK to not want to build websites for everybody and every browser. Making something which is super-dynamic in Chrome 18 and also works excellently in w3m is jolly hard work, and a lot of the time you might well be justified in thinking it's not worth it. If your site stats, or your belief, or your prediction of the market's direction, or your favourite pundit tell you that the best use of your time is to only support browsers withquerySelector, or only support browsers with JavaScript, or only support WebKit, or only support iOS Safari, then that's a reasonable decision to make; don't let anyone else tell you what your relationship with your users and customers and clients is, because you know better than them.

Just don't confuse what you're doing with supporting "the web". State your assumptions up front. Own your decisions, and be prepared to back them up, for your project. If you're building something which doesn't work in IE6, that requires JavaScript, that requires mobile WebKit, that requires Opera Mobile, then you are letting some people down. That's OK; you've decided to do that. But your view's no more valid than theirs, for a project you didn't build. Make your decisions, and state what the axioms you worked from were, and then everyone else can judge whether what you care about is what they care about. Just don't push your view as being what everyone else should do, and we'll all be fine.

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