Yes, you can draw.

There is something about being a designer that provokes people to voluntarily confess to me that they cannot draw. I don’t know what it is, but people who are not designers or artists feel like being in the mere presence of someone whose job description implies that they can draw makes them spontaneously announce that they can’t. Are they self-conscious? Does it weigh on them? Are they embarrassed?

I don’t know. But it drives me crazy.

Drawing is a skill, and though there are people who were kissed by the grace of God to be naturally talented at athletics, singing or dancing, the vast majority of us who do have job titles in the arts field have learned to draw. But actually, if you want to know the secret to drawing, it’s not actually about learning to draw at all. It’s about learning to draw with confidence.

Practice can make you better at a lot of things, but drawing is an art, and art is subjective. That means there is no clear-cut way to inform me that I’ve failed. Art is without judgement. I could swim a million laps and be the most improved swimmer on the team, but time is always the final judge at the end of a race. Unlike sports, drawing is the one discipline that taught me the more important skill to have in any profession: confidence. I can draw anything and as long as I own those drawings, just like Picasso’s or John Lennon’s, my drawings will be successful.

I have spent most of my life drawing. From the time I could hold a pen in my hand, my mother sat with me and taught me how to draw. A flower was the first thing I learned to capture on paper, and if you’ve ever sat near me in a meeting you know that they litter my notebooks. Millions of flowers that may not be good in the eyes of others, but they are my flowers and I drew them.

Believe me, you can draw, too. Don’t focus on learning to draw, but rather on being confident in what you make. Confidence makes the best makers. So let me assure you once again. You can totally freaking draw. Just try, and try again, with confidence.