A conversation I had with Dan recently left some thoughts in my head regarding the consumption of web content. Whilst we have the ability to offer our content in text, image, audio, video or other interactive mediums, are we doing our best to exploit that opportunity and why do we not offer users more choice?

Let me illustrate this for you taking a common four device approach. Imagine I want to ‘consume’ a news article. I might want to listen to that article on my phone, read it on my tablet or Kindle, read, watch, listen or interact on my desktop and finally, watch it on my TV.

It seems natural then that sites should learn and store my preferences for content consumption, according to my contexts (time, date, location, device, mood, activity, etc). That’s not to say I wouldn’t be able to consume it in any other way if I chose to, but I would be receiving personalised service that learned with me and my habits and served me content appropriate to the device that I wish to consume it on.