When someone says “it can’t be done with CSS alone” my first instinct is to try and prove them wrong. I don’t know why I feel like that or indeed why I have to prove myself but that approach has often taught me more about how things really work and even 10 years into CSS I still find new ways of doing things. Many times over the years impossible seeming tasks have been beaten into submission with a little bit of lateral thinking.

I remember when I started in CSS and would read all the tips, tricks and hacks that I could find and then take that advice as gospel. For a couple of years I didn’t question the things I had learned but as I became more proficient I started to realise that some of the things I had learned weren’t quite true and that with a little extra effort and a bit of head scratching many things could be achieved that were previously thought impossible.

Now, when I am confronted with a tricky question or problem I make a point of saying “I can’t do that” but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Not everything is possible of course but don’t accept that something isn’t possible until you have tried it for yourself.

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