On Being Intentional

I think it's fair to say that the majority of us want someone to "do life" with. Yes, we may have a spouse or a partner, but beyond that, we still seek relationships with others that have meaning and depth. Far to often however our relationships barely penetrate the surface. Not for a lack of want, but simply because we aren't willing to put in the effort. We're to self-centered, focused on our own goals, or perhaps stuck in our own routines.

It's easy to look inward and realize that you spend too much time watching TV, or that you spend too much time surfing the web when instead you could be spending that time investing in others. It's the areas that are not so obvious however that require the greater sacrifice if you really want to be intentional. Your kids nap time, your athletics/exercise, your weekend house maintenance. While none of those things are bad in nature, quite the opposite, they are easy to overlook when you're trying to find time to be intentional with others.

Quality relationships were easy when we were younger when we had more time and less responsibility. As we progress in our years our responsibilities grow, our time shrinks and as a result our relationships suffer. The sacrifice is great, and one person who is willing to make it is one thing, but finding a second who is willing to do it with you is exponentially harder.

Very few people are intentional anymore. The reasons are many and varied, but finding someone to be intentional with is actually really hard work; it's hard work because it requires sacrifice and sacrifice, self-sacrifice at that, is a muscle that no one wants to work out.

Note: Not 4 hours after I wrote this post (but hadn't yet published it), I received two phone calls from good friends being intentional. Friendships like this are rare, sweet and far more valuable than you can imagine.

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