To move through the world, to drink with people of the streets, or dine with kings who will never know such poverty: Our life's gifts come with both kisses and wounds. To seek shelter from experience is to live life quietly, and while completely understandable, people working the Web - advocating for better practices and embracing the ideals at the Web's core - must consider living life loudly.

If you seek comfort in your work, then claim that comfort - for you deserve it. But if you seek revolution and evolution? Desire to become more involved in evangelizing or advocating a given position? Ask apauper, or ask a Queen, and you will come to understand what it means to be both a pauper and infinitely wealthy in the same moment. You will also learn that the greatest equalizer of all is found in our moments of shared truth, no matter where we sit in the grand stadium of life.

To me, that is the greatness of the Web - that we can become equals -that we are made equals in our limitations and our vision. And through our conversations - the open discourse that drives an Open Web, we will certainly extend beyond our limitations and visions to new levels of insight and inspiration.

Move through the world, and work to not be afraid to face the facts of poverty or to be enthralled by royalty. We are equals in those kisses and wounds, and uplifted by shared resources and truth.

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