One day last week we had a freak hail storm and lost all power to the house. I had been desperately trying to work on an article that just wasn't happening. Frustrated, stuck inside with no WiFi and a very energetic cat who kept wanting out to play with the hailstones, Ipicked up one of her kitty toys and started to distract her.

Within a few moments we were engaged in a kitty vs. human romp all over the house, each of us chasing after her toy. By the time we stopped, with at least one of us exhausted (you can imagine who), the electricity had been on for a half hour, the WiFi back on. When I went back to work, I was able to refocus the article into something that made sense.

Why we lose or deny us the power of play, whether it be with our children or pets and especially each other, is a disturbing question. I encourage everyone to ask if they play enough. And if you find you don't, I encourage you join me in learning that play is as equally if not more important to the creative process than the hyperfocus we tend to give our work.

Let's play!

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