SEO and concern for conversion are not the enemies of design. Design has a responsibility to know the business goals and to exceed them through great content, clear hierarchical layout structure, and emotionally compelling visual treatment – and testing. Testing is frustrating because it implies that your intuition as a designer is not enough. That implication is correct. Ernest Hemingway is famous for saying that “The first draft of anything is shit”, and it applies to our designs as well.

I think we've begun to align ourselves around camps of data and relational design. The former places value on pure data conversion and the output often feels spammy and unrefined. The latter relies on emotional engagement with the product to produce a connection with the user and subsequently earn their trust and move them to the primary action, but if it falls short of those hopes the user is often blamed for bad taste or stupidity. Both these camps need maturity, these are not conflicting goals, but they often have conflicting processes and execution.

If we can align the scope, constraints, and budget to accommodate for iterative designs for our products and clients we can improve the impact of our UX and design and win the trust of investors and business clients. The end result is that your design is quantifiably stronger, earning you more cash. This has a direct effect on quality of your fermented beverage intake. Thank me by buying me one.

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