Be a limited human being.

In order for you to know your real potential as a designer or a business-person, you need to know your limitations. Constraints are a natural part of everything, technology and personality alike. By choosing to honor your limitations you’ll find that the time you offer to your work, or your family, or your relationships is substantially more potent.

Turn off your phone when you get home. Off. Don't just put it on the counter. Turn it off for a few hours at least each day. Why? So that you’re not always available to others. Be available to yourself. Be available to your family. Then at 8am when you turn your phone back on, you can be fully available and totally present.

Do something analog. I throw pottery, or take long walks. Do something the digital space has no hold on and give your binary brain a break. Play music loud. Drink with your friends and talk about space travel. Do anything but be digital dorks for a few minutes.

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