For this pastry box, I'm just going to ask some questions. Places where my head is at.

  • Do you have a work ethic?
  • Do you tell your clients how long something will take?
  • If you're running late on that, do you let them know ahead of time?
  • Are you willing to bust your ass to get something done when you said it would be done?
  • Do you expect your client to be the project manager or will you lead it?
  • Can you explain what you've designed or do you expect the client to blindly trust you?
  • Do you command enough authority in a project to help keep it on track when a client tries to become the designer?
  • Are you willing to comp a client when the time it took to complete a project was grossly under your estimate?
  • Are you opinionated about how business should be run? Have you thought about it at all?
  • Do you call your clients often, or do you always wait to have them call you?
  • Does your client know what's coming next in the project, or are they always a little bewildered by the process? Have you asked them?
  • If you asked all your former clients to be honest about your performance as a business, not just as a designer, would you be confident or nervous about their response?

Stuff you should be considering. Our industry will never have the authority we need in the coming era if we remain weak in these areas. Press on!

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