It’s strange to think that I might not make another web app. I’ve been working on iPhone apps for the past year and have done very little web development.

If I were to make a new app today, it would be an iPhone app. It’s difficult for me to see a scenario where I would choose to build a website, or even a mobile website, over a native app. I use my iPhone for everything these days.

I feel nostalgic for the web as it was in 2007. It was great to be able to share links, follow blogs, and generally have websites that play nicely with each other.

I don’t think the web as it was then is coming back though. I think there will be something new. Something that encompasses the ideas of the interconnected web but exists on mobile.

I’m just a little sad that it might be a younger generation that gets to define this new paradigm instead of us, generation Web 2.0.