I don’t believe in talent. I believe that passion combined with hard work produces results. But how does one find what they’re passionate about?

Some people are lucky to find what they love to do when they’re young. I tried all kinds of activities when I was a teenager. I took piano lessons. I learned to sew and knit. I played soccer, softball, lacrosse, and ran track. I studied French and wrote short stories. However, none of these felt like my true passion.

I went to college to study design. I had always loved making things and I was excited to find the medium I would like best. Painting? Pottery? Photography?

I would have never guessed programming.

I took my first Computer Science class my freshman year. It quickly became my favorite class and I spent many hours building a game for my final project. I was hooked.

I’ve been writing code for eleven years now and I’ve probably long passed the 10,000 hours for mastery according to Malcolm Gladwell. By all accounts I’m a good programmer now.

Yet today I woke up early to work on a juicy programming problem. I still get excited to make things with code. I’ve found what I love to do.

I hope you don’t buy into the idea that people are naturally good at something or are born talented. Instead, I hope you will find what you love to do. I hope you find your passion.

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