by Lea Verou

16 Feb 2012

You may catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, but you catch even more with a little audacity. Being polite is a good rule of thumb, but like everything, it also needs moderation. Don't say "share my content pleeeeeeaaaase". It makes people think your content isn't worthy of sharing if you have to grovel. In a long email, don't write a paragraph apologizing for its length (true story!). Being overly polite when meeting someone, categorizes yourself as inferior in the other person's subconscious. Treat yourself with the respect and admiration you expect from other people. If you don't think highly of yourself, nobody will. When meeting someone you admire, treat them as an equal and they're more likely to do the same.

However, be careful not to cross the fine distinction between treating yourself with respect and being a cocky jackass. Treat others as equals, not as inferiors, otherwise your attitude will get you nowhere — and will piss everyone off along the way.

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