by Lara Hogan

18 Sep 2015

Public Speaking Survey

Public speaking is scary.

I'm not sure if there's another comparable example in which people have nightmares about doing a particular kind of work that they've never done before. I've asked a number of people about what scares them most about public speaking. A sampling of answers:

  • Voice cracking
  • Forgetting what I want to say
  • Being judged
  • Getting questions I don't know the answer to
  • Having a wardrobe malfunction

My own personal nightmare? The idea of tripping while getting onstage. This hasn't happened to me (yet) - but I sure do spend time worrying about it.

In addition to our basic fears about public speaking, we often are reluctant to think that anyone will want to listen to us speak. When I talk to people about getting into public speaking, what I hear most is that they really can't come up with a topic that they'd feel comfortable talking about, or that people would trust them to be an expert in.

In the interest of creating more resources for people looking to speak, I would love to find out more from you all about how you feel about public speaking. I've created a survey.

This survey is anonymous, and every question is optional, and hopefully it's easy enough to fill out quickly and share with others. The more data we can gather about what's on people minds when it comes to public speaking, the more resources we can create to help.

My goal is to learn more about what makes us tick in the context of public speaking - what we like, what we don't like, what scares us, what we have questions about - so that I can help to create more transparent, deep, thoughtful resources that address these topics and help encourage more people to try out public speaking.

Please fill it out!

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