Mom called it. She said, “It’s funny. Some people will show up in your life and you think they’ll be around for a long time. And then they just aren’t.”

I don’t think I believed her when she first said it. Surely one could tell the difference between a passing acquaintance and someone who’s in for the long haul, right?

And then it happens. You meet someone (friend, client, romantic interest) and you click and it’s great and you’re happy. And you might have had plans. And you may have been scared. And you could have imagined a future.

Then, sometimes without warning or explanation, that person is gone as quickly as they showed up.

And with that person’s departure, you’re confused or relieved or angry or a combination of all three. But ultimately it doesn’t matter how you feel. The person is gone – your feelings be damned.

I’d love to say there’s always a profound lesson involved. Something to be learned from each encounter with everyone you connect with in your life. “Ah, but they taught me how to let go and be more spontaneous.” “O ho! Now I know what it’s like to work with someone truly brilliant.” “Aw, yeah. I’ll recognize amazing chemistry when I experience it again.”

But there’s not always a lesson.

Unless the lesson is, “Sometimes people materialize then evaporate for no reason whatsoever. And it’ll make you sad or mad or glad, but there’s nothing you can do about it.”

It’s just life. And like most things, Mom’s usually right about life.

It’s funny.