Surrounding yourself with highly talented people is a sure fire way to improve your own skillset.

I love chatting to and learning from people who excel at what they do - whether it be a designer, coder or the owner of a small business. It's a fact of life that people like talking about themselves and are usually happy to share their experiences with you. By working out how talented and successful people approach things we put our own ways of working into context. It can often reinforce our own ideas, inspire us to do even better or occasionally make us realise that a certain approach isn't as good as we thought.

Even if you work at home all day or design or code is something you do in your spare time there's still ample possibilities to surround yourself with talented people. If you admire someone in the industry drop them a quick email with a very specific question - they might just reply. If you happen to be in their town for a day why not suggest meeting for a quick coffee? Be sure to have a couple of questions lined up to start the conversation when you meet. Alternatively you could get in touch with local agencies and offer to help out for a day or two. Don't forget to include details of your experience and why you are a perfect fit for them.

It's not always easy to achieve but I guarantee that it's well worth the effort. Surrounding yourself with experienced, talented and successful people will undoubtedly inspire you, certainly help you and ultimately give you a broader perspective on your work.

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