I am a proud owner of an iPad 2 and certainly didn't think the iPad3 was enough of an upgrade to merit the spend. That almost changed when Mr. Stocks whipped out his brand spanking new iPad 3 on a recent train journey. The retina display floored me. Web pages looked cleaner, images crisper and type immaculate.

It did however get us thinking about a bizarre irony. The devices we carry around with us are often the ones connected to lower bandwidth networks, like 3G or Edge or occasionally even less - sure they can serve up the most amazing images and type but this comes at a cost, larger downloads for the user. How are we meant to take advantage of these amazing screens but remain responsible in terms of the files we ask our users to download?

Just as we are now finding elegant ways to handle responsive images, for example we used Josh Emerson’s Responsive-Enhance script on the Viewport Industries site, it will be interesting to see how the problem of serving images "responsibly" will be solved, be it in CSS, JavaScript or natively in the browser.

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