I suck at CSS

At CSS Dev Conf, I was on a speaker panel where we answered questions from the audience. One of the attendees asked the speakers, “What is a skill or tool that you suck at?” I wasn’t able to answer the question because the microphone never got to me, unfortunately. But I’ll share it here.

Even though I was at a CSS-focused conference, my answer was going to be that I suck at CSS. This may come as a surprising answer to some people, especially as I’ve been talking and writing about CSS for 9 years.

Don’t get me wrong — I can still build a website or web application UI. I can still build a pretty, well-architected CSS framework and design system. But CSS has evolved and changed quite a bit and is now so much more capable and powerful — and now I am back in learning mode, again.

The list of newer CSS that I am clueless about is pretty massive. But my top three that I’m excited to learn are:

  1. Flex Box

    I only just started learning how to use Flex Box, as I’ve not been able to use it before at prior projects, due to browser compatibility. But we’re able to use it on my current project.

    I like it a lot. But there is still quite a bit about it that confuses me (like things that squish weirdly sometimes). I am making an effort to use Flex Box in all my new work I do, however, and hope that I’ll pick it up pretty well with time, just as I did with older layout techniques.

  2. Animations & Transitions

    These have been out for a while. But I’ve not really explored or played with these much. Now that motion and animation is gaining popularity in UI and CSS frameworks, I’m starting to dig into these as well.

  3. Blend Modes

    Blend modes look really cool. But I’ve not explored this yet. After seeing Una’s awesome CSSGram, I definitely am inspired and want to give it a whirl.

While I think I now suck at CSS (or the newer bits of it, anyway), I definitely still enjoy it and love working with it. It’s just time to up my game. :)

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