Main stage photo by Jina

Last month, I went to Movement, Detroit’s EDM festival. This was my first time traveling to a music festival. It was also my first EDM festival. I went with a group of friends. Here are some random things I learned or observed during this experience.

  • Don’t do Will Call. You’ll end up in an angry mob for hours (and that’s even if you rudely push through people).
  • Look up. There’s probably a drone camera above you.
  • Red Bull & Tito’s are the go-to drink for young ravers.
  • It’s all about the camelbaks, hacky sacks, and fanny packs.
  • You’re not sparkly enough. Put on more glitter, flash tattoos, and wear shiny metallic disco clothes. No, no. You’re still not sparkly enough.
  • Bask in the glory that is Grandma Techno. She is awesome!
  • My friends had fun at Club Toilet. I, on the other hand, went to a different Club Toilet. (I got food poisoning).
  • Don’t eat at Mike’s Kabob Grille.
  • Do eat at Slow’s to Go. It’s delicious.
  • Taxi’s try to rip you off, especially if they know you’re in town for the festival. Uber is cheap here.
  • If a man tries to force you into dancing with him (even grabbing you), it’s okay to stand up to him and push him away.
  • Squarepusher is sooooooo intensely amazing music-wise, but beware his almost seizure-inducing visualizations which gave me a bad headache.
  • Don’t expect a quiet hotel when you go back to sleep. People next door will be keeping the rave going in their rooms.
  • My friends watch some terrible “reality” shows when they're recovering.
  • “TECHNO RULES!!!” (as shouted to me by a passerby when he saw me in my Batman jersey).
  • Boots and cats, boots and cats, boots and cats…