Six Truths & a Lie

At work, we recently introduced some new interns to the team. As part of the introduction, the interns took turns playing Two Truths & a Lie, in which they shared (in no particular order) two facts and one lie about themselves and we would all try to guess what they are.

Looking back on some of the silly things I’ve done, I thought I’d give it a go myself. But instead of two truths and a lie, I’ll do 6 truths and a lie, just to make it interesting.

Only one of these stories about myself is not true.

  1. When I was 7 years old, my father decided to let me compete in a beauty pageant. His friends helped me get dressed, did my makeup and hair, and taught me how to do pageant-style walks and turns. I didn’t have nice shoes, so I borrowed some shoes that were way too big for me and they flopped as I walked.

    At one point while I was on stage, my dad’s friend tried to signal to me that I was not doing the correct stance. I couldn’t hear her and yelled to her from the stage, “What?!?!?!” and everyone laughed.

    When they realized that I was also supposed to do a walk in casual clothes — which I didn’t have with me — they had me put on another girl’s sweaty gym clothes she had just worn to do a talent routine in.

    Somehow I still won trophies and gifts, but my dad later revealed that it was because I was the only contestant in my age group.

  2. When I was 12, I made $50 a week babysitting three children (one girl and her two younger brothers) who belonged to a family from church.

    One time while I was there, I started my very first period. Freaked out, I called their mother. She told me where her pads were in her bathroom.

    I was so worried I would make a mess, I sat on a pile of newspapers, so I wouldn’t mess up their nice furniture. The little girl asked me why. I told her, “Um. You’ll understand someday.”

    Looking back, I realize I probably accidentally scared her.

  3. I rarely got in trouble during grade school, but the two times I was suspended were because a) I cussed out the principal and b) I got in a fist fight with a freshman girl.

    The first time, my dad had me write sentences a thousand times apologizing for what I did and hand it to the principal.

    The second time, my dad wasn’t as angry with me because my fighting was in self-defense (she had attacked me) so I spent my time just resting and listening to calming music.

  4. When I was in art school, I spent a lot of time hanging out with bands and other people in the music industry, largely because I made band websites as a freelancer to help pay my way through college.

    During this time, I met a famous new-metal band who had songs on MTV, and their most famous song was used in car commercials and movie trailers.

    I went on a date with the drummer.

  5. When I was about 10 years old, my teacher decided to put up a chart with all our names on it with 4 boxes to the right. She said that if we got in trouble for anything, she would give us a check. At the end of the week, she would have a pizza party. If you had 4 check marks, you would not get to go.

    Unfortunately, I had gotten in trouble for talking and drawing on my desk a few times and received all 4 check marks. At the end of the week, she gave the two boys and me (the only recipients of 4 check marks) a choice. She said that we could either choose to get a paddling, or not go to the pizza party. (This is back when paddling in schools was allowed if the school had permission from your parents).

    I really wanted to go to the pizza party, so I told the teacher I would prefer the paddling. She gave me one soft, swift pat on the butt with the paddle and told me, “You’re braver than the boys. They chose not to have the pizza party. Go on, have fun.” It didn’t hurt at all.

    I got to enjoy the pizza with my fellow classmates as the two boys sat a couple tables over with jealous looks on their faces.

  6. When I was 15, I went to a school dance and was standing by the wall like a wallflower. A boy I had a crush on asked the girl next to me if she wanted to dance. I was devastated and was about to start crying. But when I saw she was a terrible dancer, I couldn’t help but feel better about the situation.

    Another boy ended up asking me to dance instead. At first, I was reluctant to go with him, because I didn’t want the other boy to see me dancing with someone else. But I realized that a) he didn’t choose me so why should I care and b) I decided it was better than standing by the wall the whole time. So I went out and danced with him and actually ended up having a really good time.

  7. I won first place in a science fair in fourth grade for growing avocados through the hydroponic method of putting toothpicks in the pit and setting it in a glass of water. Though when I say I won it, I should really say that my dad won it, as he did most of the work.

So which one do you think is a lie? :)

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