Here's a conversation that occurred on a train:

"How do you decompress from work?"

"I don't."

Reading through Twitter, blog posts and various other Internet correspondence, I've noticed a common theme. Call it what you prefer: "venting", "complaining", and/or "reality", but a lot of us seem to be tired, overworked, and/or stressed out.

At the same time, wellness seems to be a theme gaining popularity. This is probably not a coincidence. We are encouraged to balance our work and our personal life as to not get burned out on either. We see articles about how sitting is killing us and contemplate purchasing monitors that can tell us we have bad posture.

But how exactly do we do that? It's been nice to see some solutions to these issues, such as dimming our screen every hour, reminding us to get up and walk around. Or booking a private villa in Spain for when your team needs to work overtime. Not so shabby ideas. I hope to see these more of these coming.