Recently, we've been going through the hiring process at Happy Cog. My fantastic co-worker Chris wrote a bit about some job tips to get in the door. Once in said door, our interview process goes something like: you come in and sit in a room with 8-14 of us and we hang out and yell questions at you while you juggle a tennis ball, a bowling pin and a chain saw.

Okay, so the juggling and yelling part isn't true, but we do love group interviews. During these interviews, we let questions and discussion flow, but some of us have go-to questions that we always ask potential candidates. These range from "why are you looking for a new job?" to "what's your karaoke song?". My go-to:

What's your favorite website?

I absolutely love this question. There is only one answer that I consider a "bad answer" and that is "I don't have one". As people in the web field, how could we not have one? Sure, our definition of "favorite" doesn't have to be the same. Favorite for me could be based on a site with accessible code and favorite for you could be based on the content of a site that makes you laugh.

Either or any way, I think we should be all be able to answer this question and defend our answer. When I ask this, I'm not judging people if they say a social network site or high-fiving them for picking a development tutorial site. I'm looking for someone to be able to feel confident when speaking about the web and what makes a good experience. And if you can keep a straight face while saying is the greatest site on the Internet because you think their loading interface is easy to understand, then my vote's for a second interview.

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