I love sports. You might know this by my check-ins to stadiums on Gowalla or perhaps you've seen my cheese carvings of sports mascots. A couple of years ago, if you followed my Twitter account, you might have known I loved sports from my tweets griping or celebrating local Philadelphia athletics. One winter day, I received a Twitter reply from a friend of mine stating: "Oh, I forgot I can follow @jennlukas again now that baseball season is over." My first reaction was laughter and to reply with a picture of a cat playing football. But then I started to think he might have a point. 

Knowing your audience is key. I have always viewed Twitter as more of a safe place for nerds. I like to use it to stay up to date on news, mostly relating to the web. So I decided to make an effort to slow down on the sports tweets. Some have told me: "it's your twitter, post whatever you want!" And sure, that's certainly true. However, I'd personally rather read web development tweets over the ones about the Kobe Feef Phở someone just ate or the "OMG I can't believe that just happened on [insert TV show here]" variety, so why not try to cut down on my plethora of jock outbursts? 

I now use Facebook status updates to fulfill my need to talk about sports on the Internet. For me, Facebook is more audience appropriate, as most of the people reading my updates are local friends who might give a hoot about the Philadelphia Phillies. I think finding a balance of staying true to yourself and using one of the many social channels we have to do so is totally doable.

Now please excuse me while I go add  "Social Karma Expert" to my LinkedIn.