I was at dinner with some fellow nerds the other night, and someone brought up the idea of coming across something on the interwebs that was “tl;dr”. As a lover of acronyms and an owner of an occasional short attention span, I can totally relate.

This way we choose what we deem worthy of our time to read and watch has also extended to our interfaces. Think about the plethora of one page sites out there. TMPTL? Too many pages to load? Perhaps the more clicks we save our users, the more we show we respect their time. I’m not sure if it’s an all or nothing pattern, but I do know I’d prefer an inline slideshow to a lightbox popup most days.

Coda follows this pattern nicely with their product video on the home page for the release of Coda 2. Their headline states “What’s new in two minutes. See the Coda Tour.” I love this because they let me know how long this video is and because this video is short, I’ll totes watch it. The other bonus of their implementation is that the video plays right inline with the page. They thought about the time of the audience. No clicks, no lightbox, no new window, just instant gratification. And isn’t instant gratification one of the things that makes the internet so great?