Last time we met, I talked about the question, “What’s your favorite website”. I suppose it’s only fair if I share mine.

For a long time running it was Flickr. The interface is easy to understand. Subtle interactions let you edit a photo without interrupting the work flow. The copy was friendly and inviting. I still love Flickr, but recently I’ve become in total like with Tumblr.

I first tried Tumblr in 2008. And then again in 2009. And then, why not, in 2011. As you can see:, I wasn’t too sold.

Recently though, two things happened. The first, I witnessed the customization possibilities when my buds and I over at the The Nerdary moved our site over to Tumblr.

Secondly, I like many of us lovers of the internet, occasionally come up with a smart (or really dumb) idea for a site that seems really funny and/or clever at the moment, but I’m always road blocked by the task of developing a full site. I decided that mocking the show Game of Thrones was more important than custom design and code. So using Tumblr, I had a site that made my coworkers laugh up in 5 minutes.

Giving people the ability to create and publish quickly while also allowing them to customize that content to the depths they wish with ease is not an easy feat. Tumblr allows computer users of all varying skill levels to be authors of the web and that really, really rules.