by Jenn Downs

26 Nov 2015

Stay Warm

I have a linens problem. I love cloth napkins. I keep buying holiday themed hand towels. I’m obsessed with blankets. I can’t get anywhere near a West Elm during a linens sale. I’m currently sitting over and under about three different blankets. When we moved into our new house this spring we bought a $100 couch off a yard sale group for our new living room, and I bought enough new blankets to surpass the cost of that couch. Because there weren’t enough blankets available for the bedroom, den and living room.

I’ve asked my very busy carpenter husband to make a blanket ladder for storage, but I think he knows I’d just buy several more blankets to store there. It’s a problem really. But being wrapped up in the warmth of a good blanket is one of my favorite comforts.

I didn’t always have the means to support this little blankets obsession.

In 2007 I left my low paying job as a bookkeeper and found a job in tech. That was a life changing pay bump. I got completely out of debt with my first two tech Christmas bonuses. I bought myself a winter coat. I no longer have to wear three sweatshirts to bed to stay warm. I no longer need to borrow an electric heater because I can’t afford my gas bill. I can have all the blankets I want. And I can give all the blankets I want to give. So I will.

This Thanksgiving I ask you to remember the things you do have and if there was a time you struggled in life, remember the things you didn’t have. If you’re able now, give something you didn’t have to someone in need. Or look up your local shelter (people or animals) and find out what their urgent needs are.

If you make blankets, there are local chapters of Project Linus in all 50 states.

I know some people prefer to help animals in need, and they get cold, too. May I suggest giving a blanket or old towels to a Boston Terrier rescue? Cause lord knows when the temperature drops those little buddies shiver like they’ve never even felt warmth. Dickie, my extra shivery Bochi, will thank you for it.

Happy Thanksgiving. Stay warm.

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