We’re approaching the end of another year, and I suspect even the most cynical of us will invariably (even if just quietly within the confinements of our mind) look back at the year behind and decide we can do one or two things better in 2013.

Last December, I made one resolution: to sleep more. Throughout 2012 I don’t think I’ve slept less than I had in 2011, although I do notice a significant decrease in the number of naps I’ve taken — perhaps a product of me now sharing my home with two kids and of travelling more. Still, I am sleeping more, albeit still not enough.

This year, I want to sleep even more, I want to work less, I want to have more time to do nothing productive, I want to spend less and waste less, I want to eat more vegetables and fruit, I want to drink more water and less tea, and I want to be proud of the good work that I hope I’ll do and accept responsibility for the bad work that I’ll do too. I know it’s a tall order, but that’s the beauty of this time of year: we believe we can do it all.

Happy New Year.