One of the reasons I enjoy what I do for a living, is it feels as though we're in an industry where we're still exploring and working out what we want. We get to define the technology, approach and ethos of what we do in a raw sense, from language design, browser features, scalability or user experience. You name it! Because we probably haven't yet. We should feel privileged to do what we do while we still don't know exactly what it is we're doing.

We're not just building throw-away websites, we're building an entire way of working from the ground up, and we all still get a say in what that looks like. It's pretty exciting, don't you think?

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If you want to know more about the Pastry Box Project, you can read about the genesis (and goals) of the project.

Swim In The Stream

A stream of all the thoughts published on the Pastry Box Project is available. Keep it open somewhere, and lose yourself in it whenever you feel like it.

Meet Your Host

There are not only pieces of software talking to each other behind this website. There is a human, too. The Pastry Box is brought to you by Alex Duloz.

Stay Tuned

You can follow @thepastrybox on Twitter. For direct inquiries, get in touch with @alexduloz.