Play More.

Personally, I am making an effort to incorporate more of a sense of play into my work. If there is no sense of fun or joy in what you do, then you may be doing the wrong thing. In my experience, it takes a lot of deliberate thought to challenge cultural norms and common beliefs to allow ourselves to find that work doesn't have to be hard – that it can be play – and to start structuring our work and lives to reflect this.

The sense of play and joy always shines through a website or a product – channeling that sort of positivity will only help to continue making the web a better place.

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If you want to know more about the Pastry Box Project, you can read about the genesis (and goals) of the project.

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A stream of all the thoughts published on the Pastry Box Project is available. Keep it open somewhere, and lose yourself in it whenever you feel like it.

Meet Your Host

There are not only pieces of software talking to each other behind this website. There is a human, too. The Pastry Box is brought to you by Alex Duloz.

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