I’ve recently finished my chapter for the upcoming Smashing Book #3 (and #3 1/3). For me, writing sometimes (still!) is a very daunting process: my tendency is to believe that I have to produce everything on my own – that I have to formulate and articulate brilliant ideas whilst tapping away on a computer, isolated in my house with no more than my cats as outlets for conversation.

During this process, however, I’ve confirmed what I have been preaching in recent presentations: that collaboration makes the brain blossom. The comfort of knowing that I’m not producing something alone – that many people are involved and invested in making what we are creating collectively the best possible – gives me the space to be less critical of myself. I then feel that I have the space to explore to make mistakes and discoveries, and reach epiphanies of insight along the way.

I’m definitely fan and am ready for even more collaboration.

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