by Dan Mall

5 Feb 2012

I always have something to do. "In my free time" is just a joke I sometimes mutter to myself. Without proper ways to manage that, I'd go crazy.

Though it seems like overkill, I use a system of loose and strict to-dos to help me get through my day. For starters, I use Notational Velocity (synced to iPhone and iPad through Simplenote) to record my random thoughts. I've been sprinkling Evernote into that mix, but haven't quite found a reliable reason for it yet. Once something from those lists are actionable, I'll move it into topic-based lists in Workflowy (as a Fluid app). Lastly, when I'm at a list to move it into a daily list, it goes into my trusty TeuxDeux (also as a Fluid app).

That's how I get things done.

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