by Dan Eden

8 May 2012

My front-facing portfolio only shows about 20% of all the work I've ever done. Why? Because the rest is crap. We web designers are changing the world around us—it's up to us to provide the quality control. We can make a huge difference with our work, and it's up to us how good a difference that is.

Don't design crap. And when you do, let it go. Shove it away where no one can see it but you, and let it remind you where you once were and where you're headed. Keep that bar high.

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If you want to know more about the Pastry Box Project, you can read about the genesis (and goals) of the project.

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There are not only pieces of software talking to each other behind this website. There is a human, too. The Pastry Box is brought to you by Alex Duloz.

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