by Dan Eden

15 Apr 2012

We web folk have an incredible advantage. We have an infinite canvas; one which can be stretched and bent to our will. We make up the rules as we go along. Our future is uncertain, and our past is short. Mistakes can be changed at the click of a mouse, and no one has the right to judge us - we're all just getting started.

Make mistakes. Embrace the chaos.

Dive Deeper

If you want to know more about the Pastry Box Project, you can read about the genesis (and goals) of the project.

Swim In The Stream

A stream of all the thoughts published on the Pastry Box Project is available. Keep it open somewhere, and lose yourself in it whenever you feel like it.

Meet Your Host

There are not only pieces of software talking to each other behind this website. There is a human, too. The Pastry Box is brought to you by Alex Duloz.

Stay Tuned

You can follow @thepastrybox on Twitter. For direct inquiries, get in touch with @alexduloz.