“No man is an island,
Entire of itself”

—John Donne

This week I start an exciting new venture, joining Bath agency MUD as their technical director. I’ve been freelancing for two-and-a-half years and during this time I’ve learned a lot about myself: my strengths, my weaknesses, my foibles, what I like and what I dislike. But above all I’ve learned that I do not enjoy working in isolation.

In this digital age it is so easy to work for ourselves. We can work from a laptop. Our office can be the local coffee house, spare room or sofa. We are kept constantly in touch with others through email, IM and social media. But the result is we can often spend long periods devoid of human interaction.

Our lives and our work are massively defined by the company we keep. Whilst it is so easy for us to work in isolation I think the one lesson I’ve learned from being freelance is that it is important to make time to work around others; bounce off them, argue with them, learn from them. Because no man is an island. Entire of itself.