Our tools and practices refine daily. The inspiration pixel-deluge is unrelenting. Online tuition is a multi-million dollar enterprise. Everybody has an opinion.

As Geri commented, ours is a big and sometimes steep learning curve. From webmaster to web designer to front-end developer our roles have become more fragmented and more specialised with time, whilst what we are expected to know to accomplish these roles has grown exponentially.

It is so easy to feel out of touch with trends and discussions. I remember a time when there were five or six interesting blog posts to read a week. Now there are more than that a minute. My ‘to-read’ pile of books is nearing double figures. It has never been easier to feel like you know so little.

In 2012 I started doing two new things, neither planned: teaching and public speaking. What both these things did was made me realise that there were people out there who knew less than me. I don’t mean this arrogantly — I had always looked at what others knew and focussed on the gaps in my knowledge. Doing both these things made me stop to focus on what I did know.

I know we’ve only just met but in 2013 I want you to promise me something. Write more, help others more, be confident that you know more than you think because I guarantee there will be people who can learn from your experiences and knowledge. I bet you know more than you think.