Passion Projects

We work in an industry that gives us the ability to make a difference. A difference in our lives and the lives of others. Whether it’s providing content on an important topic in an easy to understand manner or breaking the monotony of the day with a fun game for your smartphone.

But mixed with exciting work are projects that suck the life out of us. Let’s face it, there is a lot of boring work to do. Much of that work is profitable, and we all have expenses.

But what if every project could be a passion project? Wait, hear me out. This isn’t a “follow your heart” post. It’s a “what if we think different” post.

The number of freelance producers working in the web industry is growing rapidly. They choose freedom and flexibility over perceived security. Combine this with the thousands of small shops seeking independence but finding comfort with a trusted team. There is a growing army of awesome to select from for your project team.

Companies like nGen Works and SuperFriendly have taken a fresh approach to the concept of a traditional web shop. Assembling independent teams based on the needs of a project versus availability. Normally this is done based on the skills and expertise needed to create a great solution. But what if we add the concept of passion for the project’s goals?

Obviously it makes sense to have people who care about a project work on it. But I’m saying we go further. Find the people who are already actively engaged in the subject matter of a project.

A craft brewery site built by a digital team of homebrewers. An airline app designed by a web team of flight enthusiasts. A Crossfit training site developed by the fittest geeks you’ve ever seen.

Ok, even I call bullshit on this idea. The time it would take to assemble passion based teams would be ridiculous. But… what if we could have one person on each team who was that passionate champion. Not a project manager but someone who fought for the user because they are the user.

We can do this, but we have to start thinking differently.

Let’s start sharing what we care about, not just what we can accomplish in terms of our capabilities. Let’s take the old music industry concept of liner notes and start tracking and giving thanks to digital producers we’ve worked with and highlight their contributions and passions.

We don’t need an elaborate plan to make this happen. We already have the ability to find needles in haystacks courtesy of Google and other technologies. We just need to start dropping the needles.

When you’re updating the content or your website, changing your bio on social media or publishing a blog post on a recent project, make sure and include your passions and hobbies as well as your skills.

Then be purposeful when you find new team mates. Don't just look for the best content strategist, find one that is crazy about hot sauce. You'll be surprised what a difference a little passion makes.

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