I once gave a talk on developing web standards-based mobile apps. A native coder in the audience asked me “How can I protect my source code? ”

“You can’t”, I replied. He was horrified. I don’t know who was more surprised: him, because of my answer, or me because of his reaction to it.

Every desktop browser has included a view-source option, which is odd when you think about it: you cannot view the source of a PDF or a Word document.

The Web has thrived on people viewing source, copying and pasting, then tweaking until they get the page they want. Any number of free scripts (of varying quality) can be found to make Tinkerbell fairies follow your mouse pointer. Freely available shivs and polyfills abound. Great people (like many of those who write for Pastry Box) spend hours of their own time blogging tips and tricks that in other communities might remain jealously guarded competitive advantages.

So the next time you hit upon a clever technique, blog about it. Or if you write some code that could be useful to someone else, put it on Github. Put something back into the community.