It’s pretty much what it sounds like.

You play it on a ping pong table with ping pong equipment, but each side has up to three hits. You can also play the ball off of any surface, including each other. Trust me when I say, it’s an amazing game.

My brothers and Dad and I invented this game a few years back in my basement. A long over-due reunion with the youngest Callahan brother combined with a few beers and we had the basics of the game laid out. Over the past year, however, the folks I work with have been putting the rules to the test.

We have rotations and positions. People dive. We sweat.

I’d love to be able to take the credit for creating this game. After all, I was there when it all started. But Ping Volley Pong Ball is a great game because of how it’s matured—if you can use that word—over the past few years. Every volley-pong player at Sparkbox has had an impact on its direction.

Ideas are a lot like this.

We think we can own them, take credit for them. Everybody wants to be the one to speak something unique into being. Most people believe their ideas should be kept quiet, locked up until the NDAs are signed.

If surrounding myself with humble, brilliant, trustworthy people has taught me one thing, it is this: letting go of an idea makes it so much better.

There are few more powerful forces in this world than a group of people who share a common vision. Allow people ownership in your idea, and you’ll be amazed at what happens.