Vani Murarka

Vani Murarka is a independent butterfly who loves to draw on nectar from many different flowers (and then let them go). Software development, painting and writing are her current staple diet. However, she also relishes other exotic offerings of the world be it philosophy, biology, astrology, what-have-you-ji ...
The link to her garden: Manaskriti

Vani is currently working on:
Meulib (the public library by me and you)
GeetGatiroop (a data visualization tool to analyze the temporal and phonetic patterns in Hindi poetry).

She has three Twitter accouts:
Her main id: @vani_murarka
tech tweets: @vani_tech
and if dear reader you know Hindi: @vani_hindi

Published Thoughts

We, The Internet and Two Digits

The way one can directly connect with minds on the Internet, without meeting them in physical bodily form, fascinates me. You, who are reading this – right now your mind is connected with mine. Even though you are reading this x notches down the time axis from where I explicitly wrote it, right now, our networks have reached out and found each others’ synapses.

The meeting and the existence only of minds reminds me of Arthur C. Clarke’s science fiction novel Childhood’s End.

I got onto the information highway in the late 90s. Since then, the Internet has changed a lot, and it has also remained the same.

Sparsely populated, mostly by techies and academicians, it was the spirit of sharing, collaborating, the very-loosely-coupled holding of hands that struck me as most attractive back then. That spirit of sharing and collaborating still exists on the Internet. That spirit is what created it and that is what sustains it. Not the cables and the servers.

Since then, more and more mindsets have joined the bandwagon. Corporations, the religious, artists, the tribal, the unlabeled…

Now the Internet is a very realistic representation of our total global mind-mass. This makes it even more spectacular. Irrespective of whether I consider any netizen virtuous, evil, creative or deranged.

The Internet is a very literal demonstration of the Universal One Mind. This is its overwhelming beauty that fills me with a sense of gratitude – to be able to directly see and experience something so pulsating and Cosmic. Here, on the Internet, our minds are together, irrespective of how our mind is oriented at any moment – whether we are feeling love and reaching out with light, or we are lonely, confused, angry, and spewing hate as trolls, or we are silent spectators. This way or that, we are a part of this Universal Mind.

Yes, the Internet does not touch all of the Universe. Large swathes of Saturn, Mars, the galaxies are still untouched by the Internet, just barely grazed by the beams of passing rovers. Multitudes of humanity in remote places on Earth itself remain untouched or touched only barely, as we walk the Earth beside them. Yet, the Internet is an excellent working model of the Universe. It’s like the Universal Mind submitted a school science project for you and me to experience Itself.

One heck of a science project, I must say! How did It do it? What is the raw material that the Universal Mind used for building this project?

Two digits. Zero and One.

The two heroes of this living throbbing epic. 01: truly, absolutely heroic. They are the foundation that holds all this up. The paint with which all this is painted. What we see, experience, engage in as we go about clicking buttons, is nothing but an ever-alive tapestry of zeroes and ones.

Zero: the UnManifest
One: the Manifest
That’s it. That covers it all.
Necessary and sufficient to describe the Universe completely.

Pondering over this gutsy pair Zero and One, opens up chests and chests and chests of treasure.

Take for instance, this guy Zero –

Whatever number system we may choose to use – binary, decimal, hexadecimal, what-have-you - what powers that number system? What is its sustainable unlimited energy source that drives it, giving it a new boost of energy whenever it runs out of its digits? What makes that number system practically usable? Zero. Without Zero the whole Internet (and a lot else, besides) would collapse.

Zero is the power. The truly unlimited energy source. The Force. Yet, Zero means “no-thing”. That makes it, by definition, unseen. Real, powerful, unseen and all-pervading.

Zero, also known as: God.
Here, everywhere among us, unseen and yet in plain-view.
Belief not required.

And One? Without whom even Zero is zero – who is that? Who is One?