Val Head

Val Head is a designer based in lovely Pittsburgh, PA. Her work ranges from projects on the web to interactive installations to print. She is the author of The Pocket Guide to CSS Animations, teaches CSS Animations on, and hosts the All The Right Moves tutorial screencast.

You can find her on stage speaking at events like An Event Apart and encouraging others to do the same as the co-host of the Ladies in Tech podcast. She also founded the popular Web Design Day conference, and leads workshops around the world on UI animation and creative coding.

Published Thoughts

My internet friends are some of my favourite people in the world, but we don’t see enough of each other. Lately that’s been getting me down.

We see each other at conferences now and again if we’re lucky. We mostly keep in touch over Twitter and Facebook, but it’s hard to maintain real connections through “Likes” and 140 character bursts.

We’re all so caught up in the breakneck speed of our industry that we can’t make time to appreciate the friends we’ve made because of it. I know I’m guilty of this. I needed to do something to fix it.

Starting last month I’ve been making a small attempt to do a better job at keeping in touch. Every week I set up a half hour Skype call with an internet friend just to catch up. A call with no agenda beyond finding out what they’ve been doing and what they’re excited about right now. Talking about what’s on our minds and what we’ve been up to.

This has quickly become one of the highlights of my week! It’s a perfect contrast to a day full of deadlines and 140 characters. These little chats won’t change the world, but I like to think that keeping in touch with my favourite humans from the internet can only make all of our lives just a bit better.

Maybe you’ve been feeling the same way? Maybe you can think of someone you haven’t spoken to outside of Twitter in ages? Reach out to them today and see if they’re up for a chat this week. There are so many smart, kind, and interesting people working in our industry. We’ve got nothing to lose by getting better at keeping in touch.