Ruth John

Ruth John wireframes, designs and codes for The Lab at O2 (Telefonica). She also tweets and blogs a bit too.

You can often find her chatting about web development, building apps and how an extra div is not the answer to your styling problems. Either that or the lesser known Thundercats characters.

Published Thoughts

I want you to do something for me, just one little thing.

I want you to stop.

Just for a minute or two.

Look away from this article and look out of the window.

Find yourself a tree and look at that tree. Think about it’s big wooden bark trunk, splitting all the way up into the thinnest twig branches.

Imagine yourself touching those leaves. Picking one, holding it in your hand, studying those patterns, just like you used to do when you where younger and fascinated by everything around you.

Just like it was the first time you were seeing a leaf.

The next time you go outside, find your tree. Go over and just take a minute to look up at it. Take a deep breath and just think about how awesome it is that tree is here. Go on, pick one of the leaves.

Stop for a minute.

The world is noisy, full of heart break, war, illness and sadness.

Sometimes I think we forget to just take a minute.

New Year’s Rules

Like New Year’s Resolutions but instead of one big ‘change my life’ deal, smaller rules to include in my every day life.

It all started one drunken night last weekend, when I came home, headed to bed, realised I was desperate for the toilet and thought climbing over the radiator at the end of the bed was the quickest and easiest way to go.

Until I fell over it.

And through my dressing table.

I still have a bruise all the way up the back of my leg.

Am I sharing too much?

Let’s back track slightly; on top of my dressing table is a little wooden stand which holds all my earrings, in nice neat little rows. Ashamedly*, (*that’s a lie I’m not ashamed), it holds about 50 or so pairs (don’t worry I only wear one pair at a time), so the whole thing ended up in one tangled mess on the floor.

I had just cleaned and tidied that morning, I really was not in the mood the next day to sit there, sort through all the mixed up pairs and clean it all up.

So I made myself a rule.

Every time I went into my room I had to move/sort/tidy at least one item of jewellery, I couldn’t leave my room without doing this.

So far I haven’t. I’m on my third day of living by this rule today and I’ve cleared about 50% of the mess. Considering I haven’t set aside any specific time for this task, which is my usual way of organising, I’m feeling pretty good.

So good, in fact, that I’ve started to let it leak into other tasks. I have about 3,000 unread emails sitting in my inbox, (I know, I know, I can see your OCD is making you twitch), which I keep meaning to set aside some time to sort. New rule, every day when I check my emails, I sort out a previous days worth.

I made my mum a cardi. I now have to block this cardi. (If you’re not familiar with the granny arts of knitting and crochet, blocking is basically wetting and stretching the finished article before the first wear).

It’s huge and before I block it, I need to weave in all the ends (where I finished a ball of wool and started another), there’s more than a few ends, so every time I go downstairs, I weave some in. It should be ready for blocking this evening.

Right now, I’m wondering what other tasks I can complete with this new rule, and whether I will actually keep it up, or like the inevitable New Year’s Resolution, give up after a month…

I’ll let you know.